Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bring on the Brides!

courtesy of flickr

Wynfrey Hotel Bridal Show

Jan 4: Wynfrey Bridal Show for JLP. Another reminder I'm not married. At least there are free wedding cake samples!

Jan 5: Revisiting Special K diet post-holidays. Okay, and post-bridal shows.

Married male friend sends me a "single male friend suggestion" via Facebook. Have yet to add him. And I sat at home Friday night because......?

Jan 6: Torturous dental visit (physically and personally). Physically: a year past due. Personally: "No, Doctor, I'm not dating ____ anymore."

Dinner with mom. Her favorite current topic? My need to get involved in some "singles groups" or find people with "similar interests". She even asked for the first time if I would consider online dating? In her defense, she doesn't know about my most recent attempt on my part to avoid the dreaded "20 questions".

Jan 7: First car wreck ever! Totally my fault.

Jan 8: Suffering from mild whiplash but go to Billy's nonetheless for the BCS game. Not going to meet anyone sitting at home, right?

Run into recent ex-date (male friend, insert label of choice) and declare ourselves "friends". Nice gesture considering we have many friends in the same social circles.

Meet friend of previously mentioned long-term ex-boyfriend. Dicussion of ex ensues. How did he get brought up anyway? Must come up with new subjects of conversation!

Jan 9: Catch wind of fellow photographer discovering I'm not married and is interested in asking me out. Do I really want to go there?

Jan 10: My OCD, according to Emily & Kelli, was kicking in so I was in major house cleaning mode. Possible nervous energy for that evening's first blind date in years? No, I just love a clean house!

Blind date = nice guy, early cosmic bowling followed by dinner at a southern grille restaurant, home by 11:00pm, entertaining evening. Note to self: southern grills aren't known for their pasta dishes.

Jan 11: Southern Bridal Show. More cake!